Snacking made easy!

School’s out and it finally feels like summer. That means more activities like baseball, soccer, swimming and playing at the park to name a few – and that adds up to hungry kids! When a snack-attack hits, you want to be ready with healthy choices that give your kids the energy they need to run, swim and play on a summer day.

Kids often view snacks as a bag of chips, cookies or candy. In doing so, they are missing an opportunity to get much needed nutrients through a healthful snack choice. Snacks should be part of a healthful diet and help kids refuel between meals to satisfy hunger.

When we think of healthful snack choices we should look to the five food groups – vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and protein. For example, string cheese (dairy) and carrot sticks (vegetable). Potato chips may start out as a healthful vegetable but after processing, it becomes high in calories, fat and sodium.

Before your next outing, take some time to look at our kid-friendly recipes on Also check out our “Smart Snacking”, “Create Your Own Healthful Snack” and “Power Up with Snacks” lessons to help the kids in your life eat right and stay healthy.

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