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Starter Kit

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Health Powered Kids™ includes:

  • School and community-based lessons and activities on nutrition, physical fitness, hygiene and mind-body balance
  • Activities for families to do at home and in their community
  • Mind-body activities for stress-reduction and relaxation
  • Health and wellness information available through the internet and printed materials.



Health Powered Kids™ Lessons & Activities is a series of 60+ lessons on nutrition, physical fitness and mind-body balance for youth, ages 3 to 14 years.

These lessons and additional resources are available to teachers, school staff, home-school educators, daycare providers and everyone who works with young people to help them make healthful choices.

Each lesson includes a topic overview for the instructor or teacher, an explanation for students, at least one activity to help students understand and apply the concept, and a printable take-home newsletter to inform parents about the lesson and offer tips for keeping kids healthy at home.

Lessons can be sorted by length of time, ages of youth and topic areas. Are you looking for a more prescribed list of lessons to start? View our Lesson Plans for pre-arranged lesson groupings. All lessons can be easily printed using the “Print this lesson” button provided within each lesson.

We are always trying to make Health Powered Kids a more useful resource by adding and adapting new lessons and activities. If you have a suggestion for a new topic, please contact us.

National Health and Physical Education Standards

We linked each one of our lessons to the national health and physical education standards. Our Health Standards grid displays how each of our lessons can fit into your curriculum. The health and physical education standards grid can also be accessed from each lesson page by clicking the purple button on the left sidebar.

Girl Scouts

Health Powered Kids lessons can help Girl Scouts earn their Healthy Living and Creativity badges. Check out the matched lessons and badges Girl Scouts page to find an activity that will help girls work towards selected badges. Also, learn how Girl Scouts can earn a limited edition Allina Health patch by using Health Powered Kids.

Interactive Promethean and SMART Board Lessons

Health Powered Kids offers interactive lessons to download for Promethean and SMART Board technology. Links to download the Promethean and/or SMART Board activities are provided in the “What You Need” section on the lessons, where available.

Healthy Families Take-Home Newsletters

Empower parents to continue health lessons at home with English and Spanish parent newsletters. Each lesson includes a printable take-home newsletter to inform parents about the lesson and offer tips and family-friendly activities for keeping kids healthy at home. The take-home newsletters are also available in Spanish. Print our English and Spanish newsletters today.

Power Chargers

Power Chargers are a collection of short exercises designed to give kids a quick activity break throughout the day. Choose from two, five or 10+ minute Power Chargers, depending on the time and space available. Use Power Chargers to wake up kids in the morning, energize them after lunch or help them focus before a big assignment.

Stay Connected

We look forward to staying in touch with Health Powered Kids users—through our monthly e-newsletter and online—to provide up-to-date information that will help children and teens learn how to eat well, stay active, keep clean and manage stress.

Through our blog we’ll offer additional resources and tips for getting kids involved in making healthy choices, and we’ll share stories from others who are looking for ways to live healthier lives and improve the health of their communities. If you would like to subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter, use the newsletter sign-up at the bottom of the page.

Have a lesson or Power Charger idea you want to share or a story to tell? Have a question or a comment? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected].

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