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Secret Food and Fitness


3-14 Years Old


10 Min

What You Need


To find out how this lesson fits Physical Education and Health Education standards click here.


Tell the students to think of a name of a fruit and remember it. Then tell the students to move about the gym and find another person who has selected the same fruit as you have. When two students with the same fruits find each other they stop and do five jumping jacks, three push-ups or any other chosen activity. Once the two food items have found each other and the activity is completed, the students should think of a different fruit and start moving to find the new fruit item chosen.

For example: John and Marissa have each selected apple. They move around the room. When they whisper the word “apple” to each other, they find out that they have a match. They both do five jumping jacks and then each pick a new fruit and start looking for that fruit match.

This game could also be played with any other food group category as well as fitness activity (swimming, running, baseball, etc.).

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