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Feather Fun


3-14 Years Old


10 Min

What You Need

Feather Fun

To find out how this lesson fits Physical Education and Health Education standards click here.


Pass out one feather to each student.

Have the students spread out so they each have their own space to work.

Tell the students to hold the feather high in the air and let it go. Have them watch how it slowly and softly floats to the ground.

Now challenge the kids to the following feather tests. Have them hold the feather up in the air as high as is possible again and let it go.

As it floats down, see if they can catch it or have it land on the following body parts:

  • back of the hand
  • elbow or forearm
  • shoe or foot
  • lay on floor and have it land on your back
  • knee
  • nose
  • any other body part.

Additional Feather Activities

  • The feathers could be used to represent the colors of the five food groups:
    • orange for grains
    • red for fruits
    • green for vegetables
    • blue for milk and dairy products
    • purple for protein.

Spread the feathers out on the floor. When you say “go,” have the students run to the feathers, grab one, and then quickly go to a corner or area of the room that represents that food group. The students with the green feathers could group in one corner and so on. The students with black, brown or yellow feathers could all represent the fats/oils group.

  • Follow up this activity by having the students think of a healthful snack or food item that is the same color as the feather or think of a food item that is from the food category that their feather represents.
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