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Pedometer Fitness Fun


3-14 Years Old


10 Min

What You Need


To find out how this health safety lesson fits Physical Education and Health Education standards click here.


1. Introduce the pedometer and tell the students that the device is a battery operated step counter that tracks how many steps we take.  On average, 2,000 steps equals one mile.  We should strive to take 10,000 steps each day.

2. Demonstrate how to use the pedometer.  The pedometer should be secured to the waist/pant line, straight up from either knee cap. It should be level and not tilted.

3. Help the students attach the pedometer correctly to their waist band. Spend four to five minutes per activity in the gym to allow students the opportunity to experience the fun and benefits of wearing a pedometer.

Pedometer activities could include: walking, running, hopping, and skipping or Choose MyPlate Chasers.

Equipment activities could include: jump rope, hacky sack or basketball.

• Ask the students which activity gives them the most/least steps in a certain amount of time?

• Have the students take a break from the activity to feel their heart beating faster.

• Remind them their heart is a muscle and it’s getting stronger and healthier with the activities they are doing.

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