Exercise to help the body, mind and spirit

Sometimes we just need to walk (or run) it off! Can it be that a long walk or run can change your entire mood? It’s true; exercise can put you in a good mood. When you exercise, your body makes a chemical – called an endorphin – that helps you feel good. Getting enough exercise is an important part of overall health. Now that spring is here, it’s time to grab the family, go outside and get moving.

Outdoor play can help the body by:

  •  increasing fitness levels and building active, healthy bodies
  • raising levels of Vitamin D which helps protect bone strength and may help in the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes
  • may help improve distance vision
  • may help you breathe easier

Outdoor play can help the mind by:

  • improving focus throughout the day
  • helping kids score higher on tests
  • improving critical thinking on projects

Outdoor play can help the spirit by:

  • lowering stress levels
  • protecting emotional development and lowering the risk of anxiety and depression
  • enhancing social interactions and helping kids value community
  • enhancing sleep time and quality

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