Knowing what matters can help you destress

Spring has finally sprung. You and the kids are getting outside for some fresh air and it feels great – but you’ve noticed your commitments are starting to pile up and it’s causing some anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s likely your kids are feeling it too. That’s why it’s important to recognize those feelings and take some time to find balance.

A lot of people talk about “finding balance” in life. For adults, it’s usually work-life balance. For kids, it usually means having a good mix of school, activities, time with friends and family, and time to just relax.

What sometimes gets missed in this conversation is talking about values. Values are really the foundation for how we can find balance in life. If we know what’s important to us and make decisions about how to spend our time based on that we’ll be more likely to feel at ease, successful, happy and well.

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You may also be interested in learning how mindfulness can help you rediscover joyful living. According to Maureen Doran, RD, LD, Mindfulness Training facilitator, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing – Abbott Northwestern Hospital, “Many of us are in a state of ‘continuous partial attention’. In fact, we are taught to splinter our attention and focus on many things at one time.”