Shopping for healthy foods

Going to the grocery store is an important step in serving kids healthy foods. The items we put in our shopping cart each week can boost kids’ health — and give them a positive attitude toward nutritious food.

But those tempting displays of tasty snacks and fruity drinks can make it easy to end up with a cart overloaded with stuff that doesn’t offer much nutritional punch.

Shopping for food can be a learning experience for your child. Talk about the different foods you see and encourage your child to pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try. With older kids, explain why you’re looking for whole grains or fresh produce. You can also read food labels together.

Check out these five rules for grocery shopping when you’re navigating the aisles:

  1. Shop for products with five ingredients or less.
  2. If sugar is one of the first five ingredients, don’t purchase this product.
  3. If you can’t pronounce one or more of the ingredients on the ingredient list, don’t purchase the product.
  4. If the product is advertised in the media, really listen to the messaging. Marketing can often be misleading.
  5. Never go grocery shopping hungry!

Use our Health Powered Kids lesson, “Grocery store virtual tour”  to help kids learn more about how a grocery store is set up and how to choose the most healthful options in the aisles.

Interested in learning more about navigating healthy food choices at home and at the store? Register for our Health Powered Families™ classes at Cambridge Medical Center starting April 18. These hands-on classes are for kids ages 10-17. Call 763-688-6032 for more information.