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Love Football – make a goal post!


3-14 Years Old


5 Minutes

What You Need

Chair (optional)

To find out how this lesson fits Physical Education and Health Education standards click here.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your arms out at your sides and up to your shoulder level. Make a gentle fist with each hand. Bend each arm at the elbow with your fists pointed up at a 90 degree angle. Keep your neck relaxed. Your upper body will look like a goal post ready for a field goal. Do 50-100 small pulses up and down with your elbows, pushing your fists straight up toward the ceiling. Keep your goal post looking nice and perfect!

Modification Options

  1. Poor balance: Lean back against a wall or sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, shoulder width apart.
  2. Do one arm at a time and stabilize self by holding onto a chair or table.
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